Biofabri probiotic business unit

Thanks to its line of probiotics, Biofabri is your preferential partner in developing and manufacturing probiotics in pharmaceutical formats. Our new line of probiotics focuses on galenic development and manufacturing probiotics under the highest pharmaceutical standards. Our new line encompasses all the culture, experience and knowledge of our parent company, CZ Veterinaria, and of the rest of the group’s biotech companies to offer new and proven clinical probiotics.

The Biofabri Probiotics Business Line offers all of their clients a comprehensive service that goes beyond the products, and includes technical-scientific support and the integral transfer of our knowledge and experience.

Is the result of the integration of all the group’s technological companies to produce a synergistic effect, that brings together the various strengths, knowledge, know-how and experiences contributed by each of them. Their mission is to develop, manufacture and market high quality probiotics based on proprietary strains and clinical support.

In 2011 It was awarded the prize in the 4th Complutense Competition of Ideas and New Technological-Based and Scientific Dissemination Enterprises, granted by the Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the Complutense University of Madrid-UCM for the Company Plan modality.


Spin-off of Complutense University of Madrid focused on the identification and selection of bacterial strains for probiotics and clinical studies.


Technology-based Company dedicate to the research, production and marketing of functional ingredients, especially probiotics

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