At Zendal Group we are collaborating in the urgent development of solutions to combat SARS-CoV-2 using our scientific know-how and vaccine manufacturing capabilities.

The fight against COVID in the last few months has incremented the daily workload in our biopharmaceutical plant with several work lines operating on SARS-CoV-2:


The Group has made a great effort over the last years to position ourselves as a reference in the field of biotechnology for human health vaccines. In this sense, the COVID-19 disease has meant the acceleration of our medium-term strategic plan.


Zendal biopharmaceutical group’s subsidiary Biofabri and the American company Novavax have initialled an agreement whereby Biofabri will be in charge of industrial manufacturing of the American company Novavax’s vaccine antigen in the EU.

Further to this international project will be those that are developed under the auspices of the CSIC such as: The CSIC-Biofabri vaccine, a vaccine candidate called MVA-COVID-19(S) developed by the Poxvirus group led by Doctor Mariano Esteban and Doctor Juan Arriza’s team, and another under the responsibility of Doctor Vicente Larraga’s team based on recombinant DNA to tackle the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The CEPI partnership (Coalition for the Promotion of Innovations for the Preparation against Epidemics) has also commissioned Zendal Group with the manufacturing of some of its selected vaccines to be supplied to the EU with guaranteed safety. In our facilities the production forecast is for more than 500 million vaccine doses.

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