Biofabri is dedicated to the human medicine sector, acquiring from its mother company, CZ Veterinaria, the know-how accumulated during decades in the development and manufacture of vaccines and other last generation biotech products.

Ongoing biotechnology innovation is the basis of the Biofabri business model. Biofabri strongly advocates for preventive medicine and plans to develop a series of vaccines against a wide range of prominent diseases. In order to achieve this goal, Biofabri is committed to ongoing R&D investment and has a solid team of highly experienced and specialised scientists, who are deeply engaged in research activities.

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Our R&D Department has state-of-the-art facilities, exhibiting the latest cutting-edge technology and equipments, and collaborates closely with renowned national and international Universities and research Institutions.

At BIOFABRI, we have ambitious projects to develop and manufacture vaccines for human use. Being our new vaccine against tuberculosis, MTBVAC, the most advanced. MTBVAC is made from a strain isolated from humans and was designed by Mycobacterial Genetics Research Group of the University of Zaragoza in collaboration with Pasteur Institute. The vaccine is now at phase 2A of clinical trial.

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