Biofabri´s business model is based on continuous innovation in the field of biotechnology. Biofabri is committed to preventive medicine and plans to develop a range of vaccines for the prevention of some of the most relevant diseases today. In order to achieve this goal, Biofabri makes a constant investment effort and has a large team of highly experienced and specialised scientists, who are deeply engaged in research activities.

Biofabri has extensive experience in research and development of new and ambitious projects that include different vaccine technologies:

  • Vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases
  • Types of vaccines:
    • Classic vaccines
    • Live attenuated genetically engineered vaccines
    • Subunit vaccines (recombinant protein)
    • Latest generation RNA and DNA vaccines.

Our R&D department has modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipments and works closely with Universities and centres of recognized national and international prestige.

The Biofabri portfolio includes ambitious projects for the development and manufacture of vaccines for human use. Among the most advanced is the new vaccine against Tuberculosis, MTBVAC, which is currently in the clinical trial pase.