Biofabri has expertise in researching and developing vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases using various vaccine technologies:

  • Classic vaccines
  • Genetically engineered live attenuated vaccines
  • Subunit vaccines (recombinant protein)
  • Latest generation RNA and DNA Vaccines

Our most advanced vaccine in our pipeline is MTBVAC, an innovative live attenuated vaccine against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. MTBVAC has the potential to be a more effective and longer-lasting vaccine than the current tuberculosis vaccine, BCG, especially for newborns. Additionally, since there is currently no effective vaccine for preventing tuberculosis disease in adults and adolescents, MTBVAC also holds promise for this population.

Tuberculosis – MTBVAC Neonates

Tuberculosis in humans is an airborne bacterial infection due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. More than 10 million people get ill with tuberculosis each year and approximately 1.5 million people die of it annually, making tuberculosis the second leading infectious killer worldwide next to SARS-CoV-2.

Tuberculosis – MTBVAC Adults and adolescents

Currently, there is no effective vaccine for preventing tuberculosis disease in adults and adolescents. This is a significant public health challenge, particularly in areas of the world where tuberculosis is more prevalent.

Superficial bladder carcinoma – IMMUNO BCG

Superficial bladder carcinoma originates in the cells that line the inner surface of the bladder and its recurrence indicates the reappearance of cancer cells following treatment. IMMUNO BCG is an immunotherapy to combat the recurrence of this type of bladder carcinoma.


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